Allow me to introduce myself

I'm Caytlyn. Medicine woman, trauma alchemist, life transformation guide and founder of the Integrative Pelvic Care method & Free Spirit Living brand.

My soul's mission on this planet is to guide women back to the sacred magic of their bodies so they can live vibrant, authentic lives filled with purpose and pleasure.

Every facet of my life has undoubtedly prepared me for this calling.

From the epic highs of my cowgirl days riding horses to indescribable lows in a violent relationship, I have traversed what feels like lifetimes in my time on this earth to unlock the exact wisdom required to be the woman capable of dreaming, birthing, and holding this space for women of the world. I am so proud of what I have created for you.

My Healing Journey

More than a decade ago, chronic pain coupled with the emotional impact of childhood trauma led me to seek healing of my own. After feeling completely unseen and unsupported by mainstream approaches I passionately (though some would say stubbornly) pursued the most natural modalities to seek solace from crippling back pain.

When my youngest sister died by suicide my personal healing journey took on a new depth and purpose. Death has a way of reminding us of truly living. My sister's death reminded me what a gift it is to live in this body. I decided that I would no longer battle this sacred vessel I was walking this earth in. My body truly was my temple and I was ready to go beyond just “getting out of pain”. Instead, I sought to thrive in my body and life.

But one thing stood in the way of me fully appreciating my female form. After more than a decade and hundreds of hours of healing sessions, I still suffered from debilitating menstrual pain and numbness during sex. I reached a point of desperation, determined to heal my menstrual pain or have a hysterectomy.

A Root Awakening

Thank the goddess I avoided unnecessary surgery and instead, Facebook blessed me with a post by a woman who offered pelvic bodywork. I was so nervous when I began my work with her. Layers of guilt for investing in myself this way, for seeking more pleasure, for exploring a taboo space in my body came to the surface to be integrated and released.

Those first few appointments unlocked something deep within my being. Generations of disconnection from the feminine were exposing themselves through my body. Anger, frustration, and grief - for not being taught all of this sooner - merged with hope, excitement, joy & revelation in the journey back to my sacred center.

Through this process of unwinding the intricate tendrils of trauma within, I learned to love and accept all parts of me and to truly appreciate my body.

A Divine Mission

It was terrifying to admit, because the changes it would require me to make, but I knew I had to share this wisdom with other women. I had recognized, for the first time in my life, that I was not the only woman who suffered from the physical and emotional pains I had endured alone for so many years.

But, I was not about to follow the blueprint of mainstream bodywork practices. As a natural creative and entrepreneur I formed a much bigger vision. I didn't just want to offer women a temporary healing refuge in an office. I envisioned an experiential, integrative, whole body, life changing journey of healing and self discovery for women everywhere so they could discover the innate magical healing refuge within themselves.

I desired to curate something that truly honored the WHOLE woman. Your body, your story, your unique experiences. Supported by intuitive wisdom, deep connection to my body and the angelic guidance of my baby sister, Free Spirit Living was established.

Integrative Pelvic Care


The Integrative Pelvic Care process was birthed during March and April of 2020. As the whole world shut down, and I was unable to see my healing practitioners in person, I realized how simple and effective it was for me to work with my own body at home. It was humbling and inspiring to recognize that many women don't have access to skilled practitioners in their towns or countries, whether or not there is a global shutdown happening. I also recognized my own reliance on outsiders to ensure that I kept feeling good in my body and felt led to break these chains to nurture my own body.

Utilizing all of the tools and wisdom I had, I created a streamlined methodology that women anywhere in the world could implement from the comfort of their own homes.

Since that pivotal time, I have had the privilege of guiding hundreds of women around the globe through the Integrative Pelvic Care process virtually, while interacting with thousands inside my thriving Instagram community.

In the meantime, my own journey of healing and self discovery has not ceased. I am a passionate, forever student in the realms of bodywork, healing and self development and a devotee to the womb wise, plant led teachings of Song of Sophia.

Honoring My Lineage

Emily Elizabeth Dee
Eliza Stephen & the living wisdom of Song of Sophia
Martin Beaudoin of Beaudoin Bodywork
Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton of Uncover
Jill Berkana & The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy
John Yungclas
Alicia Patterson
Patrick & Cameron Harrington
Reggie Hubbard
Kourtney de la Luz