This is Integrative Pelvic Care

Available to women of the world through online &
in person immersions,

This proven, science meets magic methodology will touch every aspect of your life, creating a ripple effect of positive change, allowing you to embody a vibrant new way of living.

With a focus on honoring the nervous system through a gentle, “turning a dial, not flipping a switch” approach, Integrative Pelvic Care offers a sustainable and effective process for you to release years - even lifetimes - of pain, tension, and symptoms from your body.

Created specifically for your female body

to address women's specific trauma & experiences, Integrative Pelvic Care is different from mainstream approaches that are often rooted in the medical system (like PT and gynecology), based in research on the male body (like yoga, nutrition, movement, or breathwork), or created by men (like psychotherapy and SE), primarily for men.

I LOVE and respect our male counterparts but the simple truth is that the male and female body are different and need to be treated as such.

You are not a small man and you do not deserve to be treated like one.

  • You have (or had) a cervix that is touched by your vagus nerve which has been impacted by every interaction with your cervix
  • You have a womb (energetic or physical), female hormones, a unique myofascial structure & female nervous system
  • You have walked through the world carrying the fear of “am I safe”, leading to protective patterns in your body and energy
  • You have learned to fear your body due to messages passed down to you for generations
  • You have learned to suppress your voice, emotions, and power
  • You have been told that your pain or symptoms are normal for a woman

Reclaim your body

I created Integrative Pelvic Care for women like you who are ready to reclaim the sacred power of their bodies.

If you have done what feels like everything and you're questioning "is this really as good as it gets (NO. It gets to get so much better!!)

If you have done a lot of work but notice that some patterns aren't shifting or you want more

If you are a coach, mentor, healer or space holder who desires to deepen your connection to your body so you can feel better and take your clients further

If you love the healing and personal development journey and you are always excited to go deeper

If you have physical symptoms that you aren't willing to settle with or havent had the courage to speak openly about

If you carry sexual, emotional, physical, medical, childhood, or ancestral trauma that you desire to address through the lens of the female body

If you're here but you don't know why yet, and you feel something deep inside saying "YES"

Then I invite you to explore how you can begin
to experience the Integrative Pelvic Care difference.

You can implement this methodology from your home

I support 99% of my global clientele - 100% virtually

Hands on/in pelvic work is only 1% of the Integrative Pelvic Care process

I am not a PT or HPC practitioner

I offer hands on bodywork inside luxurious day-long or multi-day immersions only

With an array of self study programmes, group coaching & mentorship, or 1:1 experiences, you can choose the journey that is right for you.

Client Testimonial

“My retreat with Caytlyn was a magical portal into the deepest healing I have ever experienced around intimacy, love, sex, pleasure, body, abundance, trauma, and ancestral stories of womanhood that have been negatively impacting me my entire life.

This container wrapped it all up so neatly into one mind blowing, transformational experience. I knew that this would be a powerful experience but I had no idea that this gift to myself would unlock so much in so many different areas of my life.

Physical pain that I have been carrying my entire life - is gone. The numbness that I felt during sex has disappeared and so has my other embarrassing pelvic symptoms.

I found my voice to ask for what I desire in my life (I got the raise!) AND in the bedroom (sex actually IS amazing!).

I released tension & emotional pain I didn't even know were present.

Caytlyn's guidance, support, and unpretentious ability to hold anything that surfaced is a testament to how deeply she embodies this work in her own life. My life has forever changed. If you feel the call towards Caytlyn and her work I urge you to work with her in any capacity that you can.

Women of the world deserve to be held, nourished, cared for - physically and emotionally in the way that she does it.

This is seriously an experience that will revolutionize your entire outlook on life and heal you in ways that you didn't know you needed.”