This is Integrative Pelvic Care

The Integrative Pelvic Care Method honors your
whole body & whole story

If you're a woman who wants to feel amazing in your body, heal trauma AND symptoms at the root, awaken your magical gifts & feel worthy of a thriving, abundant life, you've come to the right place.

No matter what you have been through, where you are in your journey, or how many things you have tried along the way, The Integrative Pelvic Care Method will guide you to unlocking a level of healing you have never dreamed possible.

From the nervous system, fascia & emotions to trauma, sex & symptoms, The Integrative Pelvic Care Method incorporates every part of your body & story to restore WHOLENESS, VIBRANCY, THRIVING & ABUNDANCE.

Most approaches to healing weren't made for the female body

It's not that other approaches don't work at all. It's just that at a certain point in your journey, you become ready for more that the mainstream healing world was designed offer you. That's why you're here!

Approaches in the medical system (like PT & gynecology) are based on research on the male body. In fact, 95% of research has been performed on the male body & therefore the methods fall short for women.

Even holistic practices (like yoga, nutrition, movement, or breathwork) were created by men, primarily for men. The same is true in tools such as psychotherapy.

I love and respect our male counterparts but the simple truth is that the male & female body are different & need to be treated as such.

Things like wondering if we are safe walking to our car alone, if our outfit could be 'asking for it', or being told that 'pain/symptoms are part of being a woman' impact our nervous system & beliefs in a way that holds us back physically, emotionally & mentally.

Integrative Pelvic Care leverages the wisdom of your female body while honoring your unique lived experience as a modern woman, so you can finally heal symptoms AND trauma at the root, feel amazing in AND about your body, & live the thriving abundant life you are meant for.
  • You have (or had) a cervix that is touched by your vagus nerve which has been impacted by every interaction with your cervix
  • You have a womb (energetic or physical), female hormones, a unique myofascial structure & female nervous system
  • You have walked through the world carrying the fear of “am I safe”, leading to protective patterns in your body and energy
  • You have learned to fear your body due to messages passed down to you for generations
  • You have learned to suppress your voice, emotions, and power
  • You have been told that your pain or symptoms are normal for a woman

Reclaim Your Power

Integrative Pelvic Care guides you to release physical & emotional patterns that are holding you back in life.

Chronic symptoms, dis-ease, pain, anxiety, depression are not something you are stuck with.

It's time for you to live the thriving, abundant life you desire.

If you have done what feels like everything and you're wondering if this is as good as it gets

If you have done a ton of healing work & you are ready for refinement & depth

If you hold space for others & want to expand your capacity to hold better space for others

If you are devoted to a journey of healing & personal growth & want to go deeper

If you have physical symptoms that you are ready to permanently resolve

If you want to release sexual, emotional, physical, medical, childhood, or ancestral trauma for good

If you're here & you don't know why yet but you feel something deep inside saying "YES"

It's time for you to experience The Integrative Pelvic Care Method

In March of 2020, when the whole world shut down, I found myself at home, without access to my regular practitioners.

Bodywork, acupuncture, yoga... my weekly regimen was what I relied on to keep my symptoms at bay.

Suddenly, I found myself unable to see my practitioners.

I was terrified that pain & dis-ease would come back.

So I began to tend to my own body at home based on what I had learned from thousands of hours & tens of thousands of dollars towards my personal healing journey. My symptoms never came back.

In fact, I felt deeper & more lasting healing than I ever had.

It was this spaciousness that allowed me to realize how much time & money I was using towards MANAGING MY SYMPTOMS!

Sure, I was 'holistically managing' but I was relying on outsiders aka GIVING MY POWER AWAY when I could tend to my own body with greater, longer lasting results.

This is how Integrative Pelvic Care was born.

Since then, nearly 1000 women from nearly 50 different countries, with different religions, backgrounds & expereinces have gone through the method to achieve life changing healing in their emotional & physical wellbeing.

The Integrative Pelvic Care method weaves healing techniques WITH the mindset & emotional work required for true transformation, offering women a framework that guides them on a powerfully effecitve journey of healing & self discovery.

You, taking this journey does not only change your life, it has the power to change the lives of women for generations to come by rewriting the narrative on our body, womanhood & potential.

Integrative Pelvic Care is for you, for me, for us... the women who came before us & those yet to come.

The Integrative Pelvic Care Method is virtual, offering the most accessible & effective method for women's healing on the planet.

Client Testimonial

“My retreat with Caytlyn was a magical portal into the deepest healing I have ever experienced around intimacy, love, sex, pleasure, body, abundance, trauma, and ancestral stories of womanhood that have been negatively impacting me my entire life.

This container wrapped it all up so neatly into one mind blowing, transformational experience. I knew that this would be a powerful experience but I had no idea that this gift to myself would unlock so much in so many different areas of my life.

Physical pain that I have been carrying my entire life - is gone. The numbness that I felt during sex has disappeared and so has my other embarrassing pelvic symptoms.

I found my voice to ask for what I desire in my life (I got the raise!) AND in the bedroom (sex actually IS amazing!).

I released tension & emotional pain I didn't even know were present.

Caytlyn's guidance, support, and unpretentious ability to hold anything that surfaced is a testament to how deeply she embodies this work in her own life. My life has forever changed. If you feel the call towards Caytlyn and her work I urge you to work with her in any capacity that you can.

Women of the world deserve to be held, nourished, cared for - physically and emotionally in the way that she does it.

This is seriously an experience that will revolutionize your entire outlook on life and heal you in ways that you didn't know you needed.”