Testimonials from the Incredible Women in My World

“Being held inside such a non-judgmental, supportive container made me feel safe and deeply nourished in a way I didn't even know was possible.

This allowed my nervous system to totally reset as my body released so much trauma that I had been carrying for years.

I knew these traumas were the roots of my physical symptoms and insecurities, but I had been avoiding dealing with them out of fear of judgment and so much shame.

From the first call we had, Caytlyn made me feel so accepted and at ease. I have seen hundreds of therapists, coaches, healers, and practitioners through the years and her method and approach is one of a kind exceptional.

For the first time I can remember I feel confident in the real ME! My body feels amazing. I feel safe in my body, expressing my needs, and am a kinder person to everyone around me.

This whole experience expanded me in ways I never imagined. If you are a woman who desires more in life, I urge you to make the leap into this experience with Caytlyn.

It will transform your body, mind, spirit and life in the most beautiful ways.”

“Before finding Caytlyn, I spent 2 decades trying to heal the ramifications of childhood sexual trauma. Therapy, bodywork, energy healing, plant medicine, wellness and detox retreats, etc etc. You name it, I tried it. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours invested in the best of the best... or so I thought.

I learned a lot about myself, but I got to a point that I was just managing the same symptoms. My healing had plateaued and I was very frustrated with myself and my body. There was something deeper that none of this was able to touch.

When I found Caytlyn's work, I felt like a dream had come true AND I was terrified because I knew that if this didn't help me, I was probably going to have to accept that it just couldn't get better. After a year of drooling over her retreats, I finally did it.

The experience was like a dream. From our first call, I felt so seen and held and I shared things that I never had because I felt so SAFE. The retreat was beyond anything I had ever imagined - it put other luxury healing experiences down a notch. There is nothing like being completely 1:1 to feel truly seen and supported.

It has been a few months since our time in person and the results are beyond what I could have imagined. More evidence of these results keep showing up every day, too.

I feel free. I feel like, for the first time I can remember... I am living MY life. I am no longer tied down by the horrible harmful choices another person made. My capacity for joy, pleasure, love, healing and helping other women has grown exponentially. I am not stepping into my power - I AM IN MY POWER.

My body has transformed from the inside out. I feel taller, more confident, more comfortable and safe in my skin. I use my voice and feel worthy expressing my needs.

This was truly the best thing I ever have done and likely ever will do for myself. It was a threshold into the next chapter of my life. Thank you, Caytlyn for creating this and being willing to hold such incredible space for women like me.”

Free Spirit Living are Integrative Pelvic Care coaches and bodyworkers that allow women to remember their inherent wisdom, power and capacity to heal and finally feel absolutely free in their bodies through high value online programs for women's health and healing, luxurious bodywork and in-person retreats.

“After 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, I finally feel SEEN!

You have helped me connect so many dots - its truly INTEGRATIVE work (I get it now, lol).

My anxiety has melted away because I don't feel like I have a million things to do or fix in my body. The simplicity is so healing. Hard at first but worth the struggle. I can tell you get it because your workbooks supported me every step of the way.

I'm going to send an inquiry about a retreat. You are legit AF and I am so happy to have found you!!”

“I just bawled my eyes out because for the first time I can remember, I don't feel broken. For the first time ever I don't feel like there's a million separate things wrong with me. It's all ME and I'm healing and it's working.

You have helped me understand myself and my body at a level I didn't even know was possible.
I feel lighter, happier, and more alive already... 3 weeks into Foundation.

Your wisdom and guidance is so gentle and loving while making me feel like you've got me, no matter what, even through the program portal! I am so happy I found you and your work. Thank you.”

“I was certain there could be nothing left to learn after all of the things I have tried to heal from trauma. I was sure my body was just going to be stuck forever.

After following Caytlyn for years, thinking "how could this really be so different" I finally pulled the trigger on Foundation.

And holy shit ladies, how wrong I was. Learning from a woman who has actually been through similar things turns out to be wildly more effective and resonant than the "professionals" who looked at me like I had 6 heads when I would describe my symptoms.

If you haven't worked with Caytlyn yet... there is hope for you yet. Get your ass in her world as fast as you can when you're ready for some highly transformative work”

“Deep down, I have known for years that there was something deeper going on in my body than the numerous "specialists" were capable of exploring with me. After moving between what seems like hundreds of coaches, therapists, practitioners and doctors, attending numerous detox, wellness and spa retreats to try to get answers, I finally found Caytlyn's work and am so grateful I did! Her expertise in the female body, nervous system, and trauma recovery offered me the assurance that I really wasn't crazy (as many practitioners had me believing before).

There is nothing that compares to the complete privacy with another woman to do this powerful and intimate work. I came into the experience a bit skeptical because of all the other attempts (and small fortune) I had spent trying to get answers.

It turns out that the stuck emotions and trauma I was carrying - both physically and energetically - don't show up on all of those fancy tests that the medical system had been running on me. It was shocking to me how gently and easefully layers of my body opened up while emotions and energy moved out.

I undoubtedly experienced a total body reset inside this spectacular immersion and I cannot recommend this experience enough to other women!”

By incorporating all aspects of the body, and a woman's unique story into how it relates together through ceremonial bodywork and pelvic care sessions that are rare to the industry, I give them the tools they need to heal their own body and to have those tools with them their entire life.

“Before finding Caytlyn, I went to seriously like 100 different people who all told me similar versions of the same story about my vaginal pain. Aka making me feel like I was bad wrong or broken for having it and to just "get used to it" or numb it with lidocaine or botox.

Looking back they had no fucking actual clue what they were talking about. (Still working through some emotions about that!!!).

Caytlyn's entire approach was different.
At first I was very skeptical due to being let down so much but I was quickly reassured that I had finally found the right person to support me.

This was wayyyyyyyyy beyond symptom treatment.
Our work together showed me how this pain had been running my life BEFORE the physical pain was even there.

I feel like a new woman. Not only is the pain gone, I can have pleasureable sex, I feel confident AS FUCK, and I am a better human BEing because of this experience.

The only thing I wish is that I would have found Caytlyn and her work sooner.
Get in her world in whatever way you can and prepare to be amazed, Women!!”

“My retreat with Caytlyn was a magical portal into the deepest healing I have ever experienced around intimacy, love, sex, pleasure, body, abundance, trauma, and ancestral stories of womanhood that have been negatively impacting me my entire life.

This container wrapped it all up so neatly into one mind blowing, transformational experience. I knew that this would be a powerful experience but I had no idea that this gift to myself would unlock so much in so many different areas of my life.

Physical pain that I have been carrying my entire life - is gone. The numbness that I felt during sex has disappeared and so has my other embarrassing pelvic symptoms.

I found my voice to ask for what I desire in my life (I got the raise!) AND in the bedroom (sex actually IS amazing!).

I released tension & emotional pain I didn't even know were present.

Caytlyn's guidance, support, and unpretentious ability to hold anything that surfaced is a testament to how deeply she embodies this work in her own life. My life has forever changed. If you feel the call towards Caytlyn and her work I urge you to work with her in any capacity that you can.

Women of the world deserve to be held, nourished, cared for - physically and emotionally in the way that she does it.

This is seriously an experience that will revolutionize your entire outlook on life and heal you in ways that you didn't know you needed.”

Are you ready to start your journey?