Imagine a life where you feel...

FREE from the stories & traumas you have been holding for so long.
FREE in your body. FREE on this earth.

Deeply connected to your SPIRIT... so you can remember who you truly are at your core. Tapped into SPIRIT in a deeply embodied, grounded way so you feel your inherent belonging in your body and on this earth.

LIVING a life of celebration and ceremony.
LIVING an authentic, fulfilling life that truly feels like yours.

This is the life that I am dedicated to helping women like you create through the sacred offerings of Free Spirit Living


The story of Free Spirit Living

Before my youngest sister, Emily Elizabeth, left this world she established Fit & Sober Living: "a movement that embraces a sober lifestyle by being emotionally, spiritually and physically fit."

She often referred to it as "FSL".

When I heeded the call to share my medicine with the world, I wanted to honor my baby sister because she has been my greatest teacher and guide on this journey.

I asked for guidance... "WHAT could I call my business that would encompass my vision and carry on the work my baby sister started through FSL?"

Driving down the interstate in Denver one day, it came to me...

Free Spirit Living

That was the whole "POINT" of what I was here to do - of who I was here to BE, and what I was committed to guiding women towards.

The words serve as a reminder of what the inner work, shadow dances & deep devotion is for.

They remind us of what is possible, when we tend to our Selves & sacred bodies.

They serve as a north star for the women who choose to walk this path alongside us.

Whether you are just beginning your journey of healing and self discovery or you are a longtime devotee of personal development, healing and transformation...
It is an honor to welcome you to the world of
Are you ready to go deeper?

Client Testimonial

“Deep down, I have known for years that there was something deeper going on in my body than the numerous "specialists" were capable of exploring with me. After moving between what seems like hundreds of coaches, therapists, practitioners and doctors, attending numerous detox, wellness and spa retreats to try to get answers, I finally found Caytlyn's work and am so grateful I did! Her expertise in the female body, nervous system, and trauma recovery offered me the assurance that I really wasn't crazy (as many practitioners had me believing before).

There is nothing that compares to the complete privacy with another woman to do this powerful and intimate work. I came into the experience a bit skeptical because of all the other attempts (and small fortune) I had spent trying to get answers.

It turns out that the stuck emotions and trauma I was carrying - both physically and energetically - don't show up on all of those fancy tests that the medical system had been running on me. It was shocking to me how gently and easefully layers of my body opened up while emotions and energy moved out.

I undoubtedly experienced a total body reset inside this spectacular immersion and I cannot recommend this experience enough to other women!”