My mission is to guide women who are ready and willing to go through the healing process into feeling their body healing and feeling their own worthiness by taking them through my unique and personal processes of integrative pelvic care and all aspects of self in order to integrate, release and heal trauma, emotions, pain, numbness and dis-ease in the body.

I believe it is time for a women's health revolution.
I believe in natural remedies and body wisdom.
I believe that WE are the only expert in OUR body.

I wish to help women heal trauma in their body, that is holding them back from their fullest potential and impact on this planet.




REBIRTH offers you the opportunity to receive access to all 3 Integrative Pelvic Care programmes plus personalized support as you devote yourself to a 12 month virtual group mentorship experience.


You will feel like a new woman, not because you've changed, but because
you have tapped into such deep remembrance of who you truly are.



Why we're different

Unlike many other pelvic care practitioners or physiotherapists that only give short, surface level sessions that don't have the model or processes to support whole body healing our services are all encompassing and integrates the foundational, embodiment and bodywork required to completely experience a thriving body that you feel confident, worthy and safe in.

Client Testimonial

"Being held inside such a non-judgmental, supportive container made me feel safe and deeply nourished in a way I didn't even know was possible.

This allowed my nervous system to totally reset as my body released so much trauma that I had been carrying for years.

I knew these traumas were the roots of my physical symptoms and insecurities, but I had been avoiding dealing with them out of fear of judgment and so much shame.

From the first call we had, Caytlyn made me feel so accepted and at ease. I have seen hundreds of therapists, coaches, healers, and practitioners through the years and her method and approach is one of a kind exceptional.

For the first time I can remember I feel confident in the real ME! My body feels amazing. I feel safe in my body, expressing my needs, and am a kinder person to everyone around me.

This whole experience expanded me in ways I never imagined. If you are a woman who desires more in life, I urge you to make the leap into this experience with Caytlyn.

It will transform your body, mind, spirit and life in the most beautiful ways.”